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Cintron World Becomes the Official Lifestyle Partner of the Sacramento Kings

Today Cintron World announces a new partnership with the Sacramento Kings as the team’s official lifestyle partner! Through this partnership, Cintron Sparkling Energy Beverages and hydrating Cintron Envo water will be featured at all team home games held at Golden 1 Center.

Healthy Cintron beverages will contribute to the upscale experience Kings fans are used to enjoying when visiting Golden 1 Center. To provide the ultimate experience, Cintron is crafting an exclusive new cocktail menu that will transform their sparkling flavored beverages, that provide both a clean and luxurious taste without preservatives, aspartame, gluten or high fructose corn syrup, into classy specialty cocktails with hints of cranberry, ginger or lime. Fans will be able to taste these inspired drinks, aptly named Cintron King and Cintron Golden 1, whether they are sitting courtside or having a Cintron Experience in Golden 1 Center’s club level lounge, named the Croft by Cintron. In addition, fans will also get to enjoy the look and feel of the Cintron Envo premium water stylish hexagon bottle containing a luxuriously hydrating experience.

“Cintron World represents much more than just great tasting beverages; we aim to inspire and motivate individuals to look and feel their best. As two socially aware brands, our partnership with the Sacramento Kings will help us reach more people and make an deeper impact in the community,” said Cintron World Co-Founder and Director Chelsea Brehm. “We are incredibly thankful to the Kings for bringing Cintron to Golden 1 Center and are excited to motivate everyone to follow the example set by the team; work hard, play hard.”

“We are committed to elevating the fan experience and through our partnership with Cintron, we will be able to expand our premium beverage options available at Golden 1 Center,” said Sacramento Kings President of Business Operations John Rinehart. “Aligning with brands dedicated to strengthening our community is an utmost priority and we look forward to working together to positively impact our region.”

Cintron World is committed to adding value to every community they join. Through this partnership, Cintron will be the co-presenting sponsor of the Kings Women’s Empowerment Night in March.

“Supporting women and girls in sports has long been a passion of our brand and we are elated that this will be a part of our role as the Lifestyle Partner of the Kings,” said Brehm. “We view connecting with teams and organizations that share our desire to uplift women and enhance their opportunities in sports as essential to our core values and our commitment to creating a more inclusive world.”

In addition, to celebrate this partnership, Cintron and the Kings will launch a sweepstakes to give fans a chance at a one-of-a-kind VIP experience. More information will be shared on the Cintron World and Kings social channels.

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About Cintron: Cintron World is a lifestyle beverage brand with a line of sparkling energy drinks, premium bottled waters and replenishing revitalizer shots. The Cintron World brand mission is to provide the multi-cultural citizen with premium beverages that revive, replenish, and hydrate throughout their daily lifestyle. The Cintron aspirational brand image of diversity and inclusion encourages everyone to look good, feel great, and live a fashionable, productive, and healthy lifestyle. The Cintron portfolio of premium beverages embody these brand attributes and differentiates itself within the beverage industry, as products that inspire style and sophistication. These beverages have exciting flavors, great taste, and are made with the following product attributes: natural ingredients, Vitamin B-complex, gluten-free, no preservatives, no aspartame, and no high fructose corn syrup. Additional beverage lineup also includes replenishing Revitalizer Shots: Intelligent Energy with green tea & ginseng as well as Restore Vitality with turmeric.

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