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Cintron World announced as Official Energy Drink of Detroit Red Wings

Cintron World, a lifestyle beverage brand, is bringing a new energy and style to the Detroit sports scene. Cintron has a line of Sparkling Energy Beverages which is now the new Official Energy Drink of the Detroit Red Wings, and will be served exclusively at Little Caesars Arena for the upcoming season in Hockeytown. Cintron has also made a long-term investment with the Red Wings by having dasherboard placement of its logo for all home games.

Cintron World, while being a nation-wide emerging brand, has its home as a Detroit-based business with the head office in downtown Detroit.

"We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with both the Red Wings and Little Caesars Arena, as well as to have Cintron fully launch in Detroit, in such a fantastic way! We have been inspired by the continued revival of this beautiful multiethnic city over the last several years and are looking forward to being a part of its comeback. The Cintron brand is all about energizing everyone to become their best self, and we hope that through this partnership, Red Wings fans will be inspired to embrace us as we work to do the same for the Detroit community." said Chelsea Brehm, Co-Founder and Director of Cintron World. Brehm continued, "The Red Wings have long been associated with excellence and that is what we hope will resonate with fans; that Cintron promotes a lifestyle of building excellence and sophistication. We do this through our messaging, but more importantly, through our actions. Supporting the growth of hockey programs focused on increasing the inclusiveness of this great sport and getting involved in initiatives that encourage a positive environment for multiculturalism have always been priorities for Cintron, and we will continue to act on these with our launch in Detroit."

Cintron is set to take full advantage of the renewed growth and diversity in Detroit by providing premium beverages that taste great while also promoting wellness to fans of the Red Wings. Cintron's Sparkling Energy Beverages debuting at Little Caesars Arena feature natural ingredients, vitamin B-complex, gluten-free, no preservatives, no aspartame, and no high fructose corn syrup. Indulging in Cintron's Classic Sugar-Free, and Cranberry-flavored energy beverages will appeal to those aspiring to always look good, feel great and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"We are excited to welcome Cintron as the official Energy Drink Partner of the Detroit Red Wings and Little Caesars Arena," said Peter Kent, Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships. "Partnering with Detroit-based businesses is something we're passionate about, and we look forward to Cintron being available to our great fans when the season begins in Hockeytown next month."


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