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Our entrepreneurial roots and focus on value creation provide a solid foundation for success.

Asaba Group Holdings

Leveraging a Heritage of Strategy Consulting and Advisory Services

Before there was Asaba Group Holdings, there was The Asaba Group,
a management consulting firm focused on strategy and business improvement. The Asaba Group, established in 1999, helped clients solve a wide range of business and strategic issues. Its impressive client roster included General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, US Army, US Air Force, Intel, and a number of private equity investors. In 2004, the company evolved from consulting to acquiring and transforming businesses. Asaba Group Holdings was formed. The Asaba Group and Asaba Group Holdings were founded by Victor Edozien.


Asaba Group Holdings’ Beginning
Asaba Group Holdings completed its first acquisition in 2004 with the purchase of an electrical parts manufacturing company that was slated for closure due to the owner's decision to move his operation offshore. This acquisition became AG Manufacturing. Today the company has locations in Michigan, Illinois and Alabama.


Our Competitive Edge
Asaba Group Holding’s competitive edge lies in its strategic insights on new white spaces, depth of industry experience, and breadth of capabilities. The company has vast experience in strategic planning, revenue growth strategy, acquisition strategies and business improvement in private equity/leveraged buyout situations. The company leverages the methodologies used to achieve past success, while eliminating risks and enhancing the value of future transactions.

The foundation of all processes is an understanding of growth and profit drivers, strategic clarity on growth initiatives, and deep sector-specific expertise.

Our Values

  • We are relentless in our pursuit
    of exceeding customer expectations
  • We insist on respect for one another in all our interactions
  • We operate with a passion for excellence and deliver the same
  • Ethics – We always strive to do the right thing and are uncompromising with our ethics
  • Innovative – We constantly drive to be an innovative solution driven company
  • Community Involvement – We are philanthropically active and good citizens in our communities
  • Diversity - We continuously seek to expand and value our diversity
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